What's a Workspace?

An Atomist workspace is where everything happens in Atomist. It determines what code and systems you and your team can use, and which events you'll see.

Creating a Workspace

Authorize your GitHub User

If you're new to Atomist, start by logging in with your GitHub user. Atomist requests the following scopes: read:org, repo, user(more on GitHub scopes)

Select the Organization

Pick the GitHub organization that has the repositories you want to work with.

If you don't see the organization you want, you might have to grant additional permission to Atomist on GitHub or request that an administrator of that organization do it. Just scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says "Click here to check permissions on GitHub". Grant the necessary permission and then move on to the next step.

Install Webhooks

Next, install organization or repository webhooks.

Organization webhooks let you use Atomist with every repository in an organization, including any repositories you create in the future. The downside is that not everyone has permission to install them. If you don't have admin:org_hook permissions for the organization you chose, you won't see this option.

Repository webhooks can be installed by nearly all developers, and they only request repo scope. Select each repository you want to include in your workspace.


That's it, your workspace should be ready to go. Try pushing a test commit or creating a test issue to see what happens!

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