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During the applicable Subscription term, Atomist will provide Support Services for the Atomist Services on the terms and conditions set forth below.

1. Support Services

Atomist will provide the following Support Services:

1.1 Atomist will make available to Customer all Updates made generally available by Atomist. Updated Documentation will be made available with such new Updates.

1.2 Atomist will proactively make available to Customer all available security bulletins.

1.3 Customer acknowledges and agrees that Atomist will have no responsibility to install or configure any Atomist Services as part of the Support Services; however, Atomist will assist Customer in resolving Errors and configuration issues with the Atomist Services. Atomist will also not be responsible for resolving any other compatibility issues unrelated to the Atomist software packages.

1.4 Error Correction. Following receipt of notice of an Error from a Named Contact, Atomist will make commercially reasonable efforts to: (a) respond to Customer within the corresponding SLA time (see below); (b) reproduce the issue; and (c) repair any Errors or provide a workaround.

The following table summarizes support levels for the Atomist Services:

2. Support Obligations

2.1 Classification for Prioritization. Atomist will initially classify Errors in accordance with the severity breakdown set forth below and based on the circumstances described by Customer. Atomist will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Support Services described below for each type of Error observed.

Severity Level 1 – High Severity

Prevents Customer from continuing use of the Atomist Services, or critically impacts core function of the Atomist Services or Customer’s environment. Causes theAtomist Services to experience downtime, or performance of the AtomistServices is severely degraded due in whole or in part to an Error. No workaround known to Customer. Atomist will use continuous efforts during the support hours shown above to provide a solution for any Severity Level 1 Error.

Severity Level 2 – Medium Severity

Prevents Customer from continuing use of a function of the Atomist Services, but does not affect the performance or functionality of the Customer’s environment in its entirety. Impacts Customer’s ability to use the Atomist Services, the severity of which is significant and may be repetitive in nature. Atomist will use commercially reasonable efforts during its normal hours of operation to provide a resolution for any Severity Level 2 Errors.

Severity Level 3 – Low Severity

The reported Error is minor, not inhibiting any of the necessary functionality of theAtomist Services. Error negligibly impacts Customer’s ability to use theAtomist Services, and Atomist Services remain functional. This category may include enhancement requests, common how-to questions, and any issues with an available workaround. As soon as it is commercially practicable, Atomist will use reasonable efforts during its normal hours of operation to provide a solution for any Severity Level 3 Error.

Severity Level 4 – Request for Information

Includes minor, cosmetic, or documentation-related issues, and enhancement requests that are not time-sensitive. There is no impact on the Atomist Service existing features, functionality, performance or stability. Atomist will provide solutions in its sole discretion.

2.2 Atomist will issue a trouble ticket number for each Error reported by the Named Contact to Atomist. Each Error will be tracked by trouble ticket number and will include all associated symptoms and activities. Named Contact will reference the ticket number in all communications associated with an Error. Customer and Atomist will keep each other’s support personnel informed of the progress when resolving any Error. The trouble ticket will be closed by the Atomist customer support team upon acknowledgment by the Customer that the Error is resolved. If the Customer neither acknowledges, nor contests in writing the resolution of the Error within five (5) business days following an e-mail or other written notification by the Atomist customer support team to the Customer and the Atomist customer support team considers the Error resolved, the trouble ticket will be closed.

2.3 Atomist will provide Support Services via e-mail, chat or telephone help line (if applicable) during the term of the applicable Subscription to Named Contacts. Customer should first consult the online support portal as it provides a knowledge base and answers to frequently asked customer questions. The contact information for the Atomist customer support team is:

2.4 Atomist’s obligation to provide Support Services is conditioned upon the following: (a) Customer makes reasonable efforts to correct the Error after consulting with Atomist; (b) Customer provides Atomist with sufficient information and resources to correct the Error either at Atomist’s customer support center or via remote access to Customer’s site, as well as access to the personnel, hardware, and any additional software involved in discovering the Error; (c) Customer promptly installs all Updates; and (d) Customer procures, installs and maintains all equipment, telephone lines, communication interfaces and other hardware necessary to operate the Atomist Services.

2.5 The following are excluded from Atomist’s Support Services obligations: (a) Atomist Services that are used on or in conjunction with hardware or software other than as specified in the Documentation; (b) altered or modified Atomist Services; (c) defects in the Atomist Services due to accident, hardware malfunction, abuse or improper use; (d) any version of the Atomist Services for which Support Services have been discontinued by Atomist; (e) any Error caused by third party software not licensed through Atomist; (f) evaluation software or other software provided at no charge; (g) open source versions of Atomist Services; and (h) any Atomist Service modules sold separately by Atomist.

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