Atomist addresses the problem of software delivery, providing a means for developers to get their code into production faster and more reliably. We do that by providing visibility and control over the whole delivery flow from code to deploy, integrating with existing CI and deployment tools.

Atomist is a platform to help developers visualize and act on their development and operations flow, connecting all of the various systems used when developing and deploying software. Atomist empowers you to automate away developer toil, providing the tools to connect and automate development, build, deployment, and operations.

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Atomist speeds software delivery by providing a core set of primitives along with concrete solutions for development and deployment automation using those primitives. The two fundamental primitives are commands and events. Both out-of-the-box Atomist-provided solutions and those you develop using Atomist are able to register as responders to specific command and events. Then, whenever someone types in that command, e.g., via the Atomist Slack bot, or a specific event occurs within your development environment, the registered command or event response gets invoked. Examples of events you can respond to include commit pushes, CI builds, issue/PR activity like creation, comments, assignment, reviews, and closing, deployments, and service activity. By responding to user-created commands and arbitrary development events, you are able to create flexible, dynamic, and resilient software delivery flows rather than resorting to static, brittle workflows. You can find out more about these capabilities in these two blog posts:

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